automatic dough mixer + divider + rounder

Machine composed of one dough mixer, one dough divider and one dough rounder completely automatic, to prepare round and perfectly closed dough portions of different weights, without any efforts and saving a lot of time. Easy to disassemble and to clean. This machine is manufactured according to sanitary and safety norms.

  • completely in stainless steel professional
  • new weighing system on wheels
  • easy to be disassembled and cleaned

Technical data

C3: dough mixer+divider+rounder
Portion weight about 180÷550 gr
Optional adjustable cone about 70÷250 gr
Tank capacity 44 l
Hourly production up to 400 Kg/h
Tension 230 V / 50 Hz (or any other on request)
Net weight Kg. 220
Gross weight Kg. 255
Overall dimensions cm 81x91x174h (m3 1,28)

Troubleshooting guide

  1. The machine does not start:
    • Check that the machine is correctly connected
    • The door ref.2 is not closed properly
    • The door ref.27 is not closed properly
    • The dough rounder is not placed correctly: the blocking rod ref.24 does not perfectly fit to the legs of the divider
    • The light of the green push-button is not ON: disconnect the machine and reconnect it after 30 seconds
  2. The dough does not come out at the requested weight:
    • Adjust the weight with the regulation knob ref.58
    • Change speed

Spare parts list

  • c3

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