Machines tailored to meet your requests

For a quick, effortless preparation of pizza dough

The basic tasks such as cutting the dough, rounding it and flattening it are long and repetitive operations. With Friulco machines, you gain time. Furthermore, they allow you to face a larger quantity of work without any efforts, thus increasing your profits without forgoing quality.

Friulco machines are created and manufactured in Italy according to high quality standards that guarantee efficiency and longevity. Designed to face each day a vast amount of work, their sturdiness is well known all over the world.

Solutions to:

  • Cut portions
  • Round portions
  • Flatten the dough
  • Prepare big pizzas
  • Prepare square pizzas

R10 T:dough rounder with non-stick coating

R10T processes soft and peculiar doughs in an automatic way. The portions come out round and perfectly closed, ready to rise, as if they were done manually. R10T eliminates the physical problems due to the daily work on the dough.