table top dough sheeter

Pizza Sprint M33 is a dough sheeter of new concept that works with pizza dough portions weighing from approx. 100 up to 350 grams, to obtain diameters from about 18 up to 33 cm. Adjustable thickness.

  • completely in stainless steel
  • with a vanguard mechanics in stainless steel with chain transmission
  • very quick
  • to obtain pizzas with diameters from 18 up to 33 cm

Technical data

M33: Heavy-duty dough sheeter
Net weight Kg. 39
Gross weight Kg. 49
Power 370 W / 2,5 A
Current 230 V / 50 Hz (or any other on request)
Pizza diameter from 18 to 33 cm
Overall dimensions cm 55 x 50 x 90 h (m3 0,25)

Troubleshooting guide

  1. The dough does not come out round:
    • The opening of the rolls has not been adjusted properly
    • Adjust the lower rolls at the requested thickness and then open the upper rolls at the same position
    • The dough portion is to be round shaped when placed into the machine
    • The portion is to be floured before introducing it into the machine

Spare parts list

  • m33-ricambi.pdf

Photo gallery