automatic table top dough divider

A completely automatic dough divider, in stainless steel. Very easy to disassemble and to clean. Manufactured according to sanitary and safety norms.

  • Table top dough divider
  • Can be completely disassembled by hand without any tools: even the dough tank can be disassembled
  • New extrusion technology
  • Optical weight sensors
  • Energy saving
  • Very strong and easy to use

Technical data

CUBO: Dough divider
Net weight Kg. 110
Gross weight Kg. 134
Installed power 920 W
Current 230 V / 50 Hz (any other on request)
Portion weight about 20÷240 gr
Tank capacity 50 lt
Hourly production ÷ 200 Kg / h
Overall dimensions cm. 98 x 78 x 102 h (0,78 m3)

Troubleshooting guide

  1. The machine does not start:
    • Check that the machine is correctly connected
    • The door ref.1 is not closed properly
    • The cover ref.34 is not closed properly
    • The light of the green push-button is not ON: disconnect the machine and reconnect it after 30 seconds
  2. The dough does not come out at the requested weight:
    • Adjust the weight with the regulation knob ref.40

Spare parts list

  • cubo.PDF

Photo gallery