commercial juice extractor

With the juice extractor Kallima, you can prepare natural fruit and vegetable juices in large quantity. Very strong, for a continuous working with automatic separation of the peels. It is very easy to clean.

  • Silent
  • Very strong
  • High performance
  • Housing in stainless steel
  • Double shredder disc
  • Central cutter
  • Self cleaning
  • Safety closing system

Technical data

KALLIMA: Commercial juice extractor
Net weight Kg. 20
Gross weight Kg. 23
Power 800 W
Feeding hole Ø 73 mm
Current 230 V / 50 Hz (or any other on request)
RPM - Tours/minute 3.000
Overall dimensions cm 54 x 47 x 43 h (m3 0,11)

Troubleshooting guide

  1. The machine does not start:
    • The closing lever ref.22 has not been correctly pushed down
    • The machine is not connected
    • The pushbutton ref.20 has not been pressed
  2. The machine does not correctly centrifuge:
    • The teeth of the shredder disc ref.4 are worn out
    • The discharge part of the cover is clogged up
    • The strainer ref.5 is dirty or clogged up: it has to be carefully washed using its brush
    • Misuse of the machine with fruit or vegetable which is too ripe, mealy or not fresh

Spare parts list

  • kallima-ricambi.pdf

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